September Update

Well,  it’s been a very busy 7 months since my last big update with a mixed bag of shoots covering corporate, drama, music videos and stills.

Royal Flying Doctors
Museum of Brisbane
Albion Mill
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Defence Industry Queensland
Sky UK documentary interviews - Alan Border, Ron Clark and Matthew Hayden

Short Drama:
“Hawks Do Not Share”
“Day after Today”

Music Videos:
“Trippin’ the Light Fantastic” by Ball Park Music
“History” by Holy Holy

GE Corporate Global
University of Queensland
Plumbers Union

Gear News:
Pleased to announce that I am now running a full Sony F5 production package.
Also added recently is a CamBlock Adventure time-lapse/motion control system.
On the lighting front I have a new Creamsource Doppio Mini and Dedolight DLED 4.1.