Pre Production

Well, after a busy couple of weeks I’ve got a week of heavy pre production to do on a feature that begins shooting on the 1st of March.

Lots of challenges in this one, particularly in the relation to the locations.  Big mixture of small sets,  traveling locations and remote stunts.

For the technical ones reading we are shooting the film on my Blackmagic Cinema Camera.  This choice is perfect considering the need for a small camera for tight spaces, while not compromising with a heavily compressed codec as associated with a DSLR.

On the lens front it will primarily be made up of Zeiss ZF glass and a few other specialty lenses.

Lighting is also another tricky area however will be showing off a few setups in coming weeks.  It will involve quite a bit of custom rigging and fixture building.

It’s got a great script, cast and realistic schedule so looking forward to getting into another feature.